Satisfy Me Again

Quivering on the edge, desperate for release and still begging for more--it's the ultimate in carnal pleasure. Take a walk on the wild side, where no one can ever get enough!

KISS AND TELL by Renee Luke - Sex therapist and late night talk show host Callie Moore has seen and heard it all. Now she wants to get some down-and-dirty sex for herself with football pro Malik Drew--both on and off the field!

MATINEE by Sydney Molare - Mina checks out the old XXX movie theater, not sure what to expect--certainly not the ghostly feel of hands checking out her body. Quickly aroused, Mina is hot for more touchin' as she finds herself yearning for more!

GOING WILD by Fiona Zedde - Vanilla is good--or so Derrick tries to convince himself with his straitlaced girlfriend. But then he meets Nuria and realizes that chocolate is oh-so-fine. Rock hard and ready, he can't wait to taste every inch of her willing and waiting body!


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